Bitu-Link Epoxy

Bitu-Link™ Epoxy

Designed to bond to asphalt!

Bitu-LinkTM epoxy is specially designed to anchor Cyclo-ZoneTM flexible bollards, Ped-ZoneTM signs and Develotech parking posts in an asphalt pavement. Its unique formulation provides excellent adhesion between the bitumen contained in the asphalt and the steel of the anchors. The anchor created by using Bitu-LinkTM epoxy is very strong and can be used for several years.

Available in cartridges (automatic mixing) or in containers of different formats (manual mixing), Bitu-LinkTM epoxy is easy to use and requires minimal handling.

Instructions – automatic mixing :

After screwing the static mixer onto the Bitu-LinkTM epoxy cartridges, insert the cartridges in the gun and extract the air contained in the cartridges. You are now ready to inject the epoxy in the holes.

Instructions – manual mixing :

Using a drill and a paint mixer, mix the Bitu-LinkTM hardener (Part B) with the Bitu-LinkTM resin (Part A) in equal parts by volume. You are now ready to pour the epoxy in the holes.