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flexible bollard

The Cyclo-Zone™ flexible bollard is simply the most resistant bollard on the market. It is the only flexible bollard specifically designed for use on cycling facilities.

Traffic calming sign - WC-1 School Zone area Maximum 40

sign for speed reduction

The in-street Ped-Zone™ sign is the best traffic calming measure on residential collectors. It is a simple, effective and inexpensive way to reduce speed of vehicles by 5 to 20 km/h without slowing down emergency vehicles.

Flexible pedestrian crossover sign

sign for pedestrian crossovers

The in-street Ped-Zone™ sign for pedestrian crossovers is an inexpensive brand-new concept that substantially increases the effectiveness of your pedestrian crossovers.

Octo-Zone™ flexible parking post

The Octo-Zone™ flexible parking post is the only one that has been specifically designed for use in parking lots.

Flexible stop sign

stop sign

The in-street Ped-Zone™ stop sign is an inexpensive tool to increase drivers’ compliance rate at stop sign controlled intersections.


Bitu-Link™ epoxy is specially designed to anchor Cyclo-Zone™ flexible bollards, Ped-Zone™ signs and Develotech parking post  in an asphalt pavement.