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flexible bollard

The Cyclo-Zone™ flexible bollard is simply the most resistant bollard on the market. It is the only flexible bollard specifically designed for use on cycling facilities.

Traffic calming sign - WC-1 School Zone area Maximum 40

sign for speed reduction

The in-street Ped-Zone™ sign is the best traffic calming measure on residential collectors. It is a simple, effective and inexpensive way to reduce speed of vehicles by 5 to 20 km/h without slowing down emergency vehicles.

Flexible pedestrian crossover sign

sign for pedestrian crossovers

The in-street Ped-Zone™ sign for pedestrian crossovers is an inexpensive brand-new concept that substantially increases the effectiveness of your pedestrian crossovers.

Develotech Parking Post

The Develotech parking post is the only one that has been specifically designed for use in parking lots.


Bitu-Link™ epoxy is specially designed to anchor Cyclo-Zone™ flexible bollards, Ped-Zone™ signs and Develotech parking post  in an asphalt pavement.